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Our motto is that happy personnel makes for even happier customer experiences!

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Live Customer Support

Regardless of the industry or business you’re in, at B&G answering service we understand that your customers need best in class support.

That’s why we always give 111% on all calls, striving for efficiency and customer satisfaction through our time tested method of happy people on happy calls.

Professional Associates

Our professional associates are fully prepared to assess your company’s needs, tailor a plan and guide you to its quick and smooth implementation.


Emergency Notification

For many of our clients its important that their notifications come in a timely manner. For some, its crucial that it be 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In those cases our team is prepared to notify you if you so choose at any time you receive a call or urgent contact.


Before and After Hours

We understand the world doesn’t stop turning and that the sun never sets on your business. That’s why our team is available beyond normal business hours.

The world of business never stops,
neither will we.


Appointment Scheduling

You’re an expert in what made your business a success.

However, due to the influx of calls, you haven’t been able to respond in a timely manner.

Allow us to take the extra workload of call answering and appointment scheduling off of your shoulders.


Medical Triage

Clinics and Hospital emergency rooms have a great responsibility to provide patients with a quick and responsive triage. 

 Thanks to technological advances available to us today in the form of live chat systems, we can provide modern answering triage options to keep your clinic up to date.

Virtual Office Support

Our team counts on the latest technology to make your life easier.

We answer calls and provide attention as your personalized Virtual Office with full support.

Message Management

If your problem with too many calls has grown to include an avalanche of SMS text messages, Whatsapp messages etc.
that’s where we can help.

B&G Answering will quickly and dramatically get all your communication channels consolidated and under control.


Call Screening

At B&G Answering and Business Services we are your filter for non-sense interruptions and time wasting calls.

We know how to politely manage unexpected calls, sales calls or simple client questions

. Our team is prepared and trained on how to properly redirect via our personalized methodology.


Call Forwarding

Be the first to know, be the first to act in business and in the market.
We move fast to forward you those calls that are most important to you and your business. Our team will be fully aligned with your instructions and particular needs regarding which calls to forward to you.
either directly and immediately or in a list that is provided to you in your preferred contact method.

Vacation Notification

Thinking of taking a holiday?

With B&G Answering your vacation is real possibility and you can travel with the peace of mind knowing our team is on your calls and taking care of business while you get some much deserved rest.

Take a holiday our team has you covered from the moment you step out the office informing clients and keeping business flowing.

Patient Support

A person’s health is always a serious issue, so prioritizing the patient experience is critical. Patients expect fast, personal, convenient support, and providers face increasing pressure to deliver value-based care.

Relax, We’ll take care of it.

B & G Medical Communications is a dream realized by its owners, Ben & Gwendolyn Davis. Forty years ago, they had a vision of establishing a ‘call center’ where medical offices and other professionals could leave their offices with peace of mind realizing that their patients and customers were in capable hands. B & G  Answering Service started in the garage of their family home.  The need was so great for what they were offering that they had to move the company to a commercial space after only two years. For decades, B&G Answering Service has built its reputation by providing its customers quality and dependable service.  Today, Ben & Gwendolyn along with their highly trained staff, are fully committed to taking care of your answering service needs.

Too many calls? thats a great problem to have! 

Take the responsibility of call answering, Triage and appointment scheduling of your shoulder with B&G Answering


What set’s us apart

More than a Call center

  • Personalized Attention and Support
  • Equal opportunity employer
  • 24 hour live support for your customers
  • Medical Triage experts

Success Stories

March 11, 2020

I have you’re your
answering service continuously since 1982 — excellent service!!!



Cipriano M. de los Reyes, Jr. MD.

When it comes to a superb answering service, you will find it with B&G Answering Service.

Our office has been utilizing their service and experience with patients’ for more than 20 years.

B&G’s employees are professional, caring, accurate and compassionate.
You can rely on each employee to give a detailed message about every conversation and deliver it timely.

I highly recommend B&G Answering Service for all physicians!!!

 Lilia Lizano, MD 

I and my associate physicians have used B&G Answering Service for many years. We are extremely satisfied with the high level of professional and personal care which we receive from them. All
members of B&G are very skilled and know where and how to reach us when we are on-call. They know what information to obtain from the patient and they pass this on to us and having them assist us in this
manner makes our lives much more pleasant when we are on-call.

I heartily recommend them for anyone looking for a top-level
answering service. Their level of care is unexcelled, and their fees are reasonable.

Ronald H. Berman, M.D

I have used B&G Answering Service for my medical practice for more
than a quarter of a century. The service has been superb. The
operators are extremely reliable and are uniformly pleasant to the
callers. I can recommend this service with enthusiasm and without reservation.

Sharon B. Drager, MD.

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